The Omnikum brand, in its portfolio contains different categories of products that you can find exclusively in PlusPharma pharmacies.

The main goal and idea with which they were created and formulated, is to improve the health of the buyer.

The products are created by a team of several professionals (pharmacists and doctors), who, using the latest information and scientific knowledge from world experience, make a dedicated and careful selection and combination of different ingredients, obtaining quality products, manufactured in factories in the European Union (Netherlands).

With the technological development and the development of human consciousness, human values ​​are increasingly in focus. Emphasis is placed on a healthy lifestyle, the importance of organic nutrition, sports activities, meditation, etc.…

A great motive in the creation of these products was the facilitation of daily activities, functioning at a higher level during daily responsibilities, thus providing satisfaction and more energy for a happier life.

Omnikum products offer you exactly that. In order to ensure proper function and protection of the body you need healthy supplementation of daily needs of vitamins and minerals.

Throughout the process of preparing the products for this brand, we were guided by what is most lacking in the body with today’s lifestyle and is of great importance for normal and advanced functioning of each person.

The conclusion we came to is obvious. In addition to choosing quality starting materials, it is very important to follow the latest research and knowledge in science, which guarantees a product that is effective. The entire portfolio of Omnikum brand products is produced according to the latest technological standards, which are guided by European regulations.

That is why Omnikum is proud to present you with a different philosophy of approach when creating products to support your body.

The Omnikum brand, in its portfolio contains several different categories of products that help improve and maintain human health, as well as the advanced functioning of the body and mind.

We do not stop here, the tradition and experience of the Omnikum team aims to create and expand product lines from other segments of pharmacy and healthy living.