Omnikum Osteo

It is a complete formula that contributes to maintaining healthy bones. The tablets contain Ca (calcium), Mg (magnesium), Vitamin C, Zn (zinc), Mn (manganese), Cu (copper), Vitamin K2, Vitamin D and Sodium borate.

Carefully selected forms of constituent components that are easily absorbed, for better utilization by the body.

Omnikum Osteo is used to prevent bone demineralization (post-menopausal period in women). If you have problems with your knees or postoperative joint pain, the use of Omnikum Osteo is recommended for faster recovery, because the body will get the essential building blocks for healthy bones, joints and muscles.

Omnikum Osteo – 60 tablets

Ingredients: Sodium borate (4,583mg), Calcium carbonate (1401,944mg), Calcium citrate (47,619mg), Copper sulfate (0.273mg), Magnesium oxide (328,534mg), Magnesium citrate (22,727mg), Manganese sulfate (0,563mg), Vitamin C (7,113mg), Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 2.50 mcg; 1,200 mg (100,000 IU/g.), Vitamin K2 (Menakinon -4) (4,125mg), Zinc Oxide (6,410mg).

What is Omnikum Osteo and what is it used for?

Omnikum Osteo is a specially created comprehensiveformula which is designed to maintain strong bones, teeth and flexible muscles.

Calcium helps maintain strong bones and teeth, helps prevent bone mineral depletion in post-menopausal period in women which is a risk factor for osteoporotic bone fractures.

Magnesium participates in the normal functioning of the muscles and gives extra energy in case of fatigue.

Vitamin D3 enables normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus, as well as normal levels of calcium in the blood, enabling the maintenance of healthy bones, i.e. increases the absorption of calcium in the bones and strengthens the immune system.

Zinc maintains bones and is good for skin, hair and nails.

Vitamin C is important for collagen formation, which in turn is important for bones, cartilage and the maintenance of strong bones.

Manganese has an effect on the normal formation of connective tissue in cartilage and bone.

Copper allows the maintenance of normal connective tissue.

Vitamin K2 contributes to normal blood clotting.

Boron participates in maintaining the structure of bones and joints.

The recommended dose is 1 tablet per day during a meal.

Maintain the health of your bones with just one tablet a day.

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